Here comes the sun

Two free ebooks to download in PDF or Flash. These stories cover the topics of solar energy and energy efficiency and have been produced for classroom use.

These ebooks are a worthy addition to library resources if your LMS (eg Accessit) is capable of storing downloaded files and making them available via a catalogue record. Or simply add a link to the website to a catalogue record.

Welcome to Schoolgen, a programme developed by Genesis Energy to bring solar energy to life for children and schools across New Zealand.


New Zealand Adventure

Grandma and Grandpa are the most adventurous grandparents on the planet! This year they went to a country called New Zealand. Learn all about the culture, nature, fun and excitement that New Zealand has to offer as Grandma and Grandpa take you on their action packed adventure. Bright bold illustrations will capture the imagination of even the youngest reader while Fact Boxes will intrigue and delight the older ones.

This app was created to raise funds for the Christchurch Earthquake appeal. Narrated by children it provides information about New Zealand as it follows Grandma and Grandpa on their NZ journey. Great for visiting friends and family although young New Zealanders will also enjoy it.

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