The Tale of Tortoise Buffett and Trader Hare

Lucas Remmerswaal felt the pain during the financial crisis of 2008. He saw the hopelessness, regret, despair and tears in the eyes of retired people that had lost their life’s savings. “What can I do about this tragedy?” haunted Remmerswaal for 2 years. His answer I can share Warren Buffett’s good Habits with children.” Inspired by Buffett’s MBA speeches, example and wisdom. – The tale of Tortoise Buffett and Trader Hare is the first in a series of books that is a tribute to Warren Buffett on his 80th Birthday.

Teachers will welcome this concise and witty tale:

“A child will want to pick this up. I don’t care if they are 8 years old, 18 years old or 80 years old.” Beth Black The Bookworm, Omaha.

“This is a story about a man who went from nothing to enormously successful based on a series of principles. Lucas did not come to me and say “I’ve got a story about a Billionaire” He came and said “I’ve got a story about how a person became that on the basis of these habits and these principles”. “It’s a winner!” – John Hattie Professor of Education, Director Visible Learning labs.

It’s great fun for kids of all ages and helps with financial literacy, habits and principles.

There’s not much around to help promote good savings habits and this app supports that using a well-recognised story. It’s free and the downloadable PDF is a bonus ebook. Should be a definite addition to school iPads.

Also available as a PDF download.



What is a QBook?

QBook™ is an interactive read-along digital colour picture book format designed by Kiwa Media for  children. QBook is an eBook, iPhone and iPad app that combines a narrators voice with original picture illustrations and touchable text that is synchronised to highlight and sound when words are touched. There are great puzzles and games to enjoy as well.

Personalize each book with ‘this book belongs to …
Swipe-to-Read™ to highlight and playback the story at your own pace
Touch-to-Hear™ individual words spoken
Touch-to-Spell™ to hear the letters that spell each and every word
Auto Play to enjoy the narration
Use the iRead™ Function to read and record the story yourself and customize your book
Use the Colour Palette to paint each page and save this to customize your book
QBook is a great activity for kids of all ages and helps develop reading and comprehension skills. QBook can also be used as part of a lesson plan or reading strategy and helps children learn spelling and pronunciation.

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