An ‘eBook’ moment

Today, one of those ‘just in time’ moments happened in our school library when the student and the book were connected and technology shone.

In this case a student came in to the library duting a class visit wanting a book that was promoted recently during a visit from Bob Docherty of ‘Bob’s Books‘, who is the author of one of the best children’s book review blogs around.  Neither the student nor I could remember the name of the book he tried to describe but we quickly found it on Bob’s blog.


I was purchasing books from Wheelers at the time so decided to add the print title to my order.  I noticed an EPUB copy was also available so added that in as well.

Now you may be thinking ‘so what’.  Well that student moved off, logged in to our Wheelers ePlatform on a library Chrome Book and within a few minutes was happily reading the eBook copy of ‘Albie Bright’ I had just purchased.  No downloading necessary, no software required, no need to wait, just reading in the browser.  Super fast result.

That, to me, is a successful and satisfying result.  The print version will arrive eventually but what a great way to encourage students to read eBooks by providing them with just what they want just at the right time.