London – Kids’ Factbook

Explore the sights of London in this interactive, animated fact book for children.

Stop by Buckingham Palace and say hello to the Queen of England, or explore the London Underground; you might be surprised by its tiny residents!

Listen to the narrator or read by yourself, from Big Ben to the Tower of London, learn lots of interesting facts that you never knew before.

This is a beautifully illustrated fact book that children will love to read over and over again.

Pages include:

Buckingham Palace
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
London Transport
Tower Bridge
The Great Fire of London
Heathrow Airport
River Thames
London Underground
Houses of Parliament
Tower of London

A great little app to introduce children to London in time for the Olympic Games.  Requested today by the Year 3/4 students but there is plenty of information here for older children too – even teachers admitted to learning something new.