The Artifacts: by Slap Happy Larry

★ “Overall this is a phenomenal digital app that takes storytelling to another level.” – Digital Storytime
★ “A beautiful, resonant story about the way we leave behind childish things…” – Kirkus Reviews
★ “A captivating transformation of a teen, with great re-readability…” – Curated Book Apps For Kids
★ “The Artifacts is highly sophisticated, provoking thought at several levels…” – iPad App Reviews by Gill Robins
★ “Everyone has been asking, “Where are the story apps for tweens and teens?” Well, here’s one for them. Will they respond to it? You bet.” – School Library Journal
★ “The Artifacts is a celebration of the power of individual thought and imagination. It is at the top of Bloom’s triangle. I highly recommend it for middle school iPads.” – Literacy Journal

The Artifacts is a brand new, original picture book created especially for iPad/iPod Touch and iPhone.

It is inspired in equal parts by: childhood collections of bizarre and unlikely things, memories of moving house, the minimalist movement, and the joy of creating imaginative worlds of one’s own.


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