My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters

“My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters” is a heartfelt interactive story about the beautiful and inextricable (albeit sometimes frustrating!) bond between sisters. It has been thoughtfully designed for the kinesthetic/tactile, visual and auditory learner – to ensure a holistic, interactive experience.

Maggie is a little sister, and she drives her older sister crazy!

Maggie doesn’t help her older sister to tidy up and she won’t let her older sister be the princess at playtime either. She steals her older sister’s big two-wheeler bike and even scribbles over her older sister’s drawings. Maggie is definitely not like other sisters.

But beneath it all, Maggie is brave and caring. She makes her older sister laugh when she’s scared and consoles her when she’s sad. In her own quirky way, Maggie shows her older sister just how much she loves her and why she is, indeed, not like other sisters.

This app story was a hit with the 5-9 years olds I shared it with recently, and with their teachers. They loved the many interactive features especially the one that allows you to create your own art and embed it in the story.  A tender and funny story that was also enjoyed by the boys in the audience.


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