The Boy Giant

A funny and charming story about a little boy called Hujo who is born big and keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!

But life soon gets lonely for the Boy Giant. He can’t fit inside his school doors, he accidentally breaks all the rides in the playground … and he can’t even give his mother a hug! Then, a call for help from the US President takes him across the ocean on the biggest adventure of his life.

But will Hujo ever find someone to hug?

★★★ FEATURES ★★★
✔ FUNNY story.
✔ BEAUTIFUL illustrations.
✔ DISCOVER secret sounds and events.
✔ ENJOY a full narration by the author, Allan Plenderleith, or read the book yourself.
✔ AUTOPLAY for young children and anybody who just wants to sit back and enjoy the story.

Guaranteed to be a big hit with children everywhere.

From the makers of hugely popular children’s books: Tickle Finger in the Jungle, Princess Chocolate and The Smelly Sprout.

The 5 – 11 year olds I shared this app with at school this week loved it.  So did the teachers.  Lovely story with interactive features and humour the kids enjoy.  Read it again they asked, so I gave them the iPad to read it again themselves. Highly recommended.


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